45 Bedford Road

Zoning Petition, Documents and Videos

The subject property consists of approximatley 4.2 acres and is the site of the Mariani Gardens Nursery.  The Property is located in the (NB) Nursery Business Zoning District.

The Zoning Petition is to: (i) create a new zoning district to be entitled R-MF-DA (Residential-Multifamily-Downtown Armonk) wjhich would permit residential uses on the subject property and provide appropriate dimensional requirements; and (ii) map the foregoing new district to the subject property to permit residential uses on the site. Site plan and subdivision approval will also be required from the Planning Board.

Town Board Work Session video 6/13/18 - Presentation of proposed application

Zoning Petition with Exhibits 

Town Board Meeting video 6/27/18 - Receipt of Zoning Petition