Bids and RFPs

Bids or RFPs currently for consideration.

Request for Proposals

Water & Sewer Department Annual Emergency Generator Service

Proposals Due ---July 26, 2018 no later than 2:00 p.m

Work includes annual maintenance/service of Fifteen (15) units


Award of Bids:

Bid OpeningProjectDate of AwardCompanyCost
5/22/18Woodcrest Drive/Westmoreland Sanctuary Drainage Improvements5/30/18Peter Landi, Inc.$116,250
5/22/18Whippoorwill Crossing Intersection Improvements and Culvert Replacement5/30/18Peter Landi, Inc.$327,605
3/20/18WD4 Bedrock Well Drilling IBM Property3/28/18Torlish & Sons$89,719
12/7/17Sewer District No.2, 2018 Methanol Supply 12/13/17Slack Chemical, Inc.0.5805 - 0.8272/gal
11/30/17Sewer District 2 Annual Sludge Hauling & Disposal12/13/17Spectraserv, Inc.$720.00 / load
9/19/17WD2 --Rehablitation of 3 Windmills9/27/17Wernert Construction Management LLC$295,582
9/7/17Hergenhan Recreation Center - expansion and reconstruction of two (2) parking lots9/13/17Tony Casale, Inc.$563,753
8/7/17Sidewalk, Curbing and Drainage Improvements - Washington Place & Denim Place8/9/17Tony Casale, Inc.$327,925
8/7/17Maple Avenue & Bedford Road Traffic Signal Improvements8/9/17Verde Electric Maintenance Corp.$48,970
7/6/17North Castle Public Library-Construction of Young Adult Area7/12/17All bids were rejected. 
6/29/17NWP Community Center Emergency Generator installation7/12/17Bids were rejected --will re-bid project 
4/11/17Old Route 22 Streetscape Improvements4/19/17Peter Landi, Inc.$706,575 
3/17/17WD2--Well # 5 Rehabilitation3/22/17Layne Christensen$36,145
3/1/17WD4--IBM South Well Rehabilitation3/8/17S.B. Church$38,400
2/23/17RFP--WD4- Line shaft vertical turbine pump3/8/17S.B. Church$15,400
2/1/17WD4 Bedrock Well Drilling2/8/17Torlish & Sons$75,134
12/20/16Cleaning Services1/11/17Corona Cleaning Services$42,000
12/21/16Water District No.4 --Drilling of Bedrock Test WellsSole bid rejected on 1/11/17--project will be rebid
12/6/16Sewer District No.2, 2017 Methanol Supply 12/14/16Slack Chemical, Inc.0.4648 - 0.7286/gal
10/19/16Exterior Deck Addition - North White Plains Community Center & Library10/26/16Douglas Marshall Cooper Assoc., LLC$179,800
10/18/16Rehabilitation of WD2 WindmillsNo bids Received  
7/29/16RFP- Annual W&S Generator Service8/10/16Peak Power$3,923.57
6/14/16Wampus Brook Park South Project7/13/16A Team Contracting Corp.$585,508.75
6/14/16Windmill Neighborhood Drainage Improvements6/22/16National Lawn Sprinklers, Inc. $665,753.80 
5/16/16John Deere 5100E FT4 Cab Mower 5/25/16Trius, Inc.$115,661
4/15/16North Castle Library Automatic Doors All bids were rejected.
2/19/16WD2 Rehabilitation of Well #42/24/16S.B.Church$27,850
2/16/16WD4 Rehabilitation of IBM North Well2/24/16Subsurface Technologies$43,101
1/5/16RFP--WD4- Line shaft vertical turbine pump1/13/16S.B. Church$15,490
12/15/15Sewer District No.2, 2016 Methanol Supply 1/13/16George Coyne
12/7/15Cleaning Services 12/9/15Milveen Environmental$29,500
12/1/15WD1 UltraViolet Disinfection Project12/9/15Kings Capital Construction$1,093,750
11/12/15SD2 Annual Sludge Hauling for 201611/18/15Spectraserv Inc.$720 /load
7/30/15RFP-Annual W&S Emergency Gen. Service (15 gen sets)8/5/15Peak Power$3,983.50
6/19/15General Construction of Gazebo at Wampus Brook Park6/24/15Jennings Co., Inc. $251,600
6/8/15Bus Services for Teen Travel Camp6/10/15 J&R Tours$12,890
3/10/15Asbestos Abatement - former Recreation Building, 205 Business Park Drive3/25/15B&G Restoration Co.$47,000
2/17/15School Street Well Rehabilitation2/25/15Layne Christensen$28,185
12/2/14SD2- '15 Annual Methanol Supply12/10/14Slack Chemical$3095/load
10/1/14Sidewalk Improvements10/8/14Vernon Hills Contracting$117,650
8/11/14Bid-WD2 Repair of Three WindmillsAll bids were rejected 9/10/14
7/10/14RFP-Annual W&S Emergency Gen. Service (15 gen sets)7/23/14Gen Quip$4,075
7/2/14Bid -WD2 Repair of three WindmillsSole bid rejected --rebid scheduled
6/18/14Bid-WD2 Distribution System Replacement6/25/14Bilotta Construction$9,935,194
6/16/14Purchase of Pavement Sealer6/25/14Sealmaster$47,750
6/16/14Purchase of Tink Claw6/25/14Hoffman International$17,677
5/20/14Coach Bus Services for Teen Travel Camp5/28/14J&R Tours$12,660
4/30/14Sewer District No.2 Roof Replacement (main Bldg.)5/14/14NUA Construction Corp.$52,000