Housing Board

The Town Board established the Housing Board in the early 1990's with the charge to administer middle income unit (MIU) housing requirements as established in the Town Code and to promulgate rules and regulations as may be necessary to implement such requirements. Currently MIUs are located at Whippoorwill Commons on Whippoorwill Road East in Armonk and at Whippoorwill Hills on Agnew Farm Road in Armonk.

When awarding MIU’s for sale or resale, the Housing Board must abide by Town Code as well as the Housing Board's "Rules and Regulations." Eligible applicants are given an Eligibility Priority List which is comprised of nine sections with various point values for each section. For example, a North Castle resident is awarded five points, while a person who resides in another town in Westchester receives two points. A person who is a veteran of the U.S. Armed Services (honorable discharge) receives three points.

The Housing Board carefully reviews each application and accompanying documentation before awarding a unit to the family or individual with the highest point value. Purchasing a MIU is not the same as purchasing a fair market value condominium because all pricing is regulated by Town Code in order to keep units affordable.

Notice of available MIU's will be posted on the Home page of the website under News & Announcements. If you would like to add your name to North Castle Housing Board's waiting list for a Middle Income Unit when available, download the Wait List Form

For additional information contact Board Secretary, Barbara Minnitte at: (914) 273-4329.

Members serve a five year term.

Board Members

Name Title
Jeanne Hinrichs Chairman; Member - 12/31/2019
Virginia Magrone Member - 12/31/2021
Matthew Manfredi Member - 12/31/2020
Karen Johnson Member - 12/31/2018
Christine Eggleton Member - 12/31/2022
Barbara Minnitte Secretary
Town Board Liaison: Councilman DiGiacinto