Key Contact Information

Helpful Phone Numbers:

  • North Castle Police: 273-9500 who will dispatch to Fire and EMS; 911 calls go to NC Police
  • Fire Departments:
    • Armonk: 273-3292
    • Banksville: 234-7104
    • North White Plains: 949-3575
  • North Castle EMS: Call 911, which goes to NC Police
  • Westchester County Dept. of Emergency Services: 231-1900       
  • ConEdison Emergency: 1-800-752-6633
  • ConEdison emergency number to report power loss: 800-752-6633
  • North Castle Police in event of downed trees: 914-273-9500

NC4 Contacts:

NC4 Chairman
David Bauer

NC4 Vice Chairman
Rich DeFilippo

Town Board Liaison
Councilman Reiter

NC4 Members at Large:  Approximately 100 North Castle residents who make themselves available for sheltering service when emergencies arise.