If you submit an application for Planning Board review, you will be required to reimburse the Town for the cost of professional review services, including legal and engineering services, incurred in connection with the review of your application. Charges for professional planning review services are $120/hour. If other types of professional consultant review services are required, those charges will be in accord with fees usually charged for such services and pursuant to a contractual agreement between the Town and such professional. 

Applications Requiring Planning Board Approval

Schedule of Application Fees:

Type of ApplicationApplication Fee
Site Development Plan$200.00
Each Additional Parking Space$10
Special Use Permit$100
Preliminary Subdivision Plat$300 1st Lot
Additional Lot$200 Each
Final Subdivision Plat$250 1st Lot
Additional Lot$100 Each
Tree Removal Permit$75
Wetlands Permit$50 For Each Permit
Short Environmental Assessment Form$50
Long Environmental Assessment Form$100
Town Environmental Clearance Form$25
Recreation Fee$10,000 Each Additional Lot

**Any amendment to previously approved applications requires new application forms and fees**

North Castle Master Fee Schedule