RPRC Process

To begin the RPRC process, the following items must be submitted to the Building Department:
  1. Completed RPRC checklist.
  2. Completed Building Permit application form.
  3. Two Application fees: a Building Permit fee of $30 and a RPRC Review Fee.  Checks made payable to: Town of North Castle.
  4. Floor Area and Gross Land Coverage work sheets.
  5. Plans for your project according the RPRC Checklist.
  6. Submission of three individual sets of everything listed above.

Once your application has been submitted to the Building Department, go to the Town’s website to follow your application.

Click on Town Hall, Departments, Planning, Residential Project Review Committee

Once you are on the RPRC page, you can follow your applications progress from start to finish. You will see the following options while on this page.

  • Application not yet reviewed for completeness
  • Current Incomplete Projects
  • Projects on Next Agenda (date)
  • Minutes
  • Determination Letters ( click on determination letters, find the date of your meeting and click on the name of your project – Letters are posted the day after the meeting, typically by 1:00 p.m.)

Follow directions from the Determination letters, if your application was deemed incomplete, submit the missing materials as soon as possible to complete your application.