Amending Town Code

The Code of the Town of North Castle is comprised of the local laws, ordinances and certain resolutions enacted by the Town Board.  As the Town develops and changes, review and revision of old laws and consideration of new laws must keep pace.  The orderly collection of these records is an important step in this ever-continuing process.

The Code Has Been Recently Updated. A comprehensive review of our Town Code began in November, 2013 to identify conflicts, inconsistences and areas in need of updating and revision. The updated Code of the Town of North Castle was adopted by the Town Board on November 18, 2015.

In order to amend the Code, the Town Board must hold a public hearing to consider proposed legislation to add, revise or delete text from the Code. At the hearing, the public may express its opinions in writing or in person about the proposed legislation under consideration.  If a proposed local law is subsequently adopted, the Town Clerk files it with the Secretary of State and forwards it to General Code Publishers which maintains the Town Code.