Special Event Permit Application Information

Any person, organization or company interested in holding a special event in the Town of North Castle must apply for a Special Event Permit which requires Town Board approval and a public hearing as detailed in the Town’s Local Law.

Special Event is defined in the Town Code as - Any bazaar, carnival, circus, fair, pony track, rodeo, haunted house, corn maze, outdoor meeting, auction, special outdoor entertainment, or other amusement of like kind and nature.

Preliminary questions regarding a special event permit can be emailed to Alison Simon, Town Clerk, asmon@northcastleny.com

Following should be submitted to the Town Clerk at time of application:
Online Special Event Permit Application
           Application requirements are detailed in Town Code Chapter 263-4 Application procedure; fee.
- APPLICATION FEE of $200. Checks payable to Town of North Castle.

Information regarding Notification Process for Public Hearings

Following the scheduling of a public hearing by the Town Board, the Town Clerk will forward the application to the Police Department, Fire Department, and Building Department’s Fire Inspector.

Upon Town Board approval of the application, and prior the issuance of the Special Event Permit, following must be provided to the Town Clerk:
Certificates of Insurance which meet Town's Minimum Insurance Requirements for Events 
- CASH BOND - applicant must post a cash bond of $500 to guarantee cleanup after the special event.