Water District No.2 Water Distribution System Upgrade---Construction Page

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The information on this page will be updated to keep you informed of the project as it progresses.



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Please have patience and bear with us as the disturbance during this vital upgrade to your Water Distribution System may be an inconvenience to your normal routine.  

The photo illustrated is the new water main being installed on Evergreen Row.  The contractor is proceeding according to plan, they will be working their way through the priority roads that were scheduled to be re-paved in the Town paving project.  North Lake Road, Evergreen Row (between North Lane & North Lake), Pond Lane (from Mill Lane to the cul-de-sac)



Road Restoration and Final Paving has been completed on the three priority roads. 

Lawn Restoration is in progress on the three completed roads which started 4/21/15 

Disturbed areas will be raked first, then they will come back with topsoil, and finally seed!

PIPE INSTALLATION TALLY= 49,184'            ROCK REMOVED= 3,222cu/yrds

Water Main Installation is 99% complete----As of 9/11/15

95% of the House services are connected to the new system!

Click here for a Contractor two week look ahead Aug 17-Aug 28

Thursday 6/04/15-- Water main installation continues on Thornwood Rd between Middle Patent & Thorne La. Also, on Thornwood Rd. bewtween Fox Ridge Rd. & Windmill Rd.  Health Department approved the water main on Windmill Road between Mill La. & Maple Way.  Contractor will be connecting services on on the approved section of Windmill Rd.

Monday 5/11/15-- Water main installation continues on Spruce Hill & Windmill Place, service connections are about to begin on Hardscrabble Circle. House service connections on Hardscrabble Circle.

Friday 4/24/15-- Water main installation continues on Spruce Hill & Windmill Place, service connections on Windmill Rd between No.Lake & Mill La. and Pond La.

Friday 4/10/15--  New water main construction continues on Fox Ridge Rd. towards Thornwood Rd.  Second crew working on Windmill Rd. between Mill LA. & Maple Way.  Service connections are being made on Upland La. 

Monday 3/23/15-- Construction started again on Fox Ridge Road & Maple Way.  

Friday 2/13/15-- The contractor has been issued a winter shut down notice, no additional water main work will proceed until March 23rd. 

Wednesday 1/21/15--Water main installation on Hardscrabble Circle is complete, next hydrants will be installed and the mains will be sanitized, pressure tested and sampled for approval.  Water main installation continues on Maple Way.  Service connections are being installed on North Lane & North Ridge.  Water main testing is being performed on Windmill Road between Mill La. & North Lake.
Wednesday 1/7/15--Water main installation continues on Hardscrabble Circle, additionally the contractor is installing fire hydrants on Upland Lane.  
Friday 12/12/14-- Water main installation continues on Upland Lane and also Windmill Rd between Mill La. and North Lake.  Permanent service connections are being installed on Pond La. between Mill & the cul-de-sac.
Monday 12/1/14--Bilotta Construction will be working in the following areas- Mill and Pave trench on Evergreen Row from North Lane to North Lake. Weather pending. Road may be closed on Evergreen between North Lane and Fox Ridge Please expect delays on Evergreen and Upland, use alternate route when/if possible.  Upland between North Lake and Hardscrabble Rd pipe installation continues.  Road may be closed on Upland between Evergreen and North Lake.
Friday 11/14/14-- Work continues on Windmill Rd. between Mill La. & North Lake a second crew is working on Fox Ridge from Evergreen to Dogwood Place.  

Wednesday 10/29/14--One crew has completed North Lane from North Lake to Evergreen Row. They are about to tie in that section to the new section on Evergreen.  The same crew is working their way down North Ridge.  A second crew has completed Mill Lane between Pond & Windmill Road and are now working on Pond towards Long Pond Road, they will also construct the main on Oak Ridge Court.

Monday 10/20/14--Crews are working on North Lane between North Lake & Evergreen Row, and on Mill Lane Between Windmill Road & Pond Lane.  House service connections are almost complete on Evergreen Row, and will begin on North Lake Road.  

Monday 9/29/14-- Crews continue on North Lake Road.  The water main on Evergreen Row between the storage tank and Upland Lane has been approved for service by the Health Department, crews have started to connect house services on Evergreen Row, between North Lane and the tank.  

Monday 9/22/14 --Two crews are working on North Lake Road, from North Lane to the Cul-de-sac.

Monday 9/15/14--The crew is almost at the tank from the Fox Ridge side on Evergreen.  The second crew will soon be completing the section on North Lake between North Lane & Windmill Road, completing the section.

Friday 9/5/14--The crew continues on Evergreen Row in the vicinity of #37 working towards the water tank location.  A second crew is working on North Lake Rd. in the vicinity of #6 working towards Windmill Rd.

Thursday 8/28/14--A contractor crew has moved to North Lake Road working from North Lane towards Upland Lane.   Temporary water mains on North Lake are being sanitized and required bacteria samples are being collected.          

Monday 8/25/14--To date the contractor has installed approximately 4,000 feet of new water main, work is progressing from both ends of Evergreen Row.  The crew working from the Upland Lane side should be up to the water tank by tomorrow.  

Additionally, you will see temporary water line being run on the side of the road along North Lake Road.  The purpose is to connect each home from #17 to the end of the cul-de-sac to the temp water main so during construction of the new main on North Lake should the original buried line be compromised you will not be without water.  This temporary water main also includes temporary fire hydrants. 

THURSDAY 8/7/14 --The contractor's machine broke down over the excavation in front of 13 Evergreen Row.  The road is passable by emergency vehicles. The contractor has repair mechanics in route this evening, however the machine will remain in place until the morning.  The Police & Fire Departments have been advised. (THIS ISSUE WAS RESOLVED, Friday 8/8/14 at 7:30 a.m.)