Architectural Review Board

The five member Architectural Review Board (ARB) is appointed by the Town Board. At least one member must be a registered architect. Other members are chosen for qualifications and training in related fields such as landscape architecture, interior or exterior design, municipal planning, municipal government and other professions with related disciplines or civic interest.

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ARB Responsibilities

The ARB reviews all major new commercial and residential buildings as well as renovation projects to make sure they comply with certain aesthetic and visual standards before a building permit is issued. One goal of the ARB is to ensure that new buildings fit into established neighborhoods and commercial areas. All new subdivisions are examined to make sure that a harmonious neighborhood is being created. For every application, the ARB members review a number of factors for each new structure. The ARB is most concerned with excessive similarity or excessive dissimilarity in design that is detrimental to the visual environment. It also reviews color palettes and building materials to make sure they are appropriate for the proposed use.

The Town Board established the ARB to ensure high standards of quality of design for commercial, municipal, recreational and residential structures, exterior landscaping and development planning for all new and renovated building projects in the Town and to continue to protect the Town's visual environment.

All inquiries and questions should be addressed to (914) 273-3000, ext.44.

Upon the expiration of the term of each current member of the Town’s existing five-member ARB in office, his or her successor shall be appointed or re-appointed to a term of five years.

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Board Members

Name Title
Beata Buhl Tatka Chairman; Member - 09/13/2020
Susan Geffen Member - 09/13/2023
Angelo Monaco Member - 09/13/2023
Chris Tuzzo Member - 09/13/2021
John Scarlato, Jr. Member - 09/13/2020
Lori Zawacki Secretary
Town Board Liaison: Councilman DiGiacinto