Bids and RFPs currently for consideration

The Town of North Castle has partnered with BidNet Direct as part of the Empire State Purchasing Group

The Town is posting our bids to this site in conjunction with posting them on our website. As a vendor, you can register with the Empire State Purchasing Group to see all available bids and opportunities. By selecting automatic bid notification, your company will receive emails once the Town has a bid opportunity that matches your company's business. In addition, the site handles ITB’s, RFPs, and RFQs for other member governmental agencies, districts & authorities throughout New York. If you need help registering, please call the Empire State Purchasing Group’s support department toll free 1-800-835-4603 option #2

Award of Bids:

Bid OpeningProjectDate of AwardCompanyCost

North Castle Clove Road Dugouts

4/27/22J.C. Land & Site Development Inc.$92,486
3/24/22North Castle Public Library Restroom Construction Project, Armonk Branch4/27/22WND Construction Corp$52,000
3/3/22North Castle Lombardi Park Tennis & Basketball Courts Repairs & Resurfacing3/23/22Sport Tech Acrylics$57,350
12/16/21Cleaning Services within the Town of North Castle1/12/22ACP Facility Services, Inc.$105,494.51
11/29/21SD2 Annual Methanol Supply '2212/8/21Slack Chemical, Inc.1.264 - 1.493 /gallon
11/29/21SD2 Annual Sludge Hauling and Disposal '2212/8/21Spectraserv, Inc.

0.148/gal or $888/load

11/4/21North Castle Removal of Roadway Millings11/10/21AC Landworks Services, Inc.$481,250 for base bid of 25,000 tons &
$19,250 for each additional 1,000 tons
9/28/21North Castle Public Library Restroom Alterations1/26/22All bids were rejected 
3/12/21North Castle Community Park Comfort Station3/24/21Aqua Works, Inc.$220,000
1/5/21North White Plains Community Center Renovation1/27/21AFL General Construction$896,700
9/8/20ELEVATOR ADDITION, North Castle Public Library10/14/20Abbott & Price, Inc.$296,808
7/29/20Water & Sewer RFP Emergency Generator Service8/5/20GenQuip$4,795.00
5/20/20WD4-New Water Supply 72 Hour Pump Test  (re-RFP)5/27/20Subsurface Technologies$39,185
4/24/20SD2 RFP Consulting Services --Enhancement Upgrades5/27/20EDR-Environmental Design & Research$249,300
3/25/20WD4-New Water Supply 72 Hour Pump Test4/15/20Submittals RejectedRFP will be re-isssued
2/5/2020Generator Power Redistribution, Hergenhan Recreation Center2/26/2020Allstate Electrical Contracting$21,800
1/8/2020North White Plains Communtiy Center RenovationAll bids rejected  
12/23/19SD2 Annual Sludge Hauling & Disposal --Re-bid1/8/2020Spectraserv, Inc.0.144/gal or $864/load
11/27/19SD2 Annual Sludge Hauling & DisposalAll bids rejectedService will be re-bid 
11/19/19SD2 Annual Methanol Supply12/11/19Slack Chemical, Inc.0.817-1.029/gal
11/18/19WD4 Barber Dual Well Drilling Service12/11/19Frey Well Drilling, Inc. $47,550
11/07/19Cleaning Services of Town Buildings11/20/19Superior Building Maintenance$67,793.76
10/17/19North Castle Public Library Children’s Room Addition10/30/19Giacorp Contracting Inc.$126,300
6/27/19Wampus Brook Park SOUTH Bridge Replacement7/10/19ELQ Industries, Inc.$220,214
6/24/19Dam and Spillway Repairs at Betsy Sluder Park and Duck Pond7/10/19Aqua Works Inc.$81,698.75

Leatherman Court Drainage Improvements

5/21/19Aqua Works Inc.$124,900
3/22/19North Castle Public Library Children’s AreaAll bids rejected 
2/28/19Water & Sewer SCADA upgrade3/13/19Pat Kearns Electrical$698,725
12/13/18Sewer District No.2, 2019 Methanol Supply1/9/19Slack Chemical, Inc.0.8984-1.155/gal
11/30/18Maintenance of Street Lights12/12/18Skyline Electric$20,040
10/04/18North White Plains Community Center Addition and RenovationAll bids rejected
7/26/18Water & Sewer RFP Emergency Generator Service8/8/18GenQuip$3,820
5/22/18Woodcrest Drive/Westmoreland Sanctuary Drainage Improvements5/30/18Peter Landi, Inc.$116,250
5/22/18Whippoorwill Crossing Intersection Improvements and Culvert Replacement5/30/18Peter Landi, Inc.$327,605
3/20/18WD4 Bedrock Well Drilling IBM Property3/28/18Torlish & Sons$89,719
12/7/17Sewer District No.2, 2018 Methanol Supply 12/13/17Slack Chemical, Inc.0.5805 - 0.8272/gal
11/30/17Sewer District 2 Annual Sludge Hauling & Disposal12/13/17Spectraserv, Inc.$720.00 / load
9/19/17WD2 --Rehablitation of 3 Windmills9/27/17Wernert Construction Management LLC$295,582
9/7/17Hergenhan Recreation Center - expansion and reconstruction of two (2) parking lots9/13/17Tony Casale, Inc.$563,753
8/7/17Sidewalk, Curbing and Drainage Improvements - Washington Place & Denim Place8/9/17Tony Casale, Inc.$327,925
8/7/17Maple Avenue & Bedford Road Traffic Signal Improvements8/9/17Verde Electric Maintenance Corp.$48,970
7/6/17North Castle Public Library-Construction of Young Adult Area7/12/17All bids were rejected. 
6/29/17NWP Community Center Emergency Generator installation7/12/17Bids were rejected --will re-bid project
4/11/17Old Route 22 Streetscape Improvements4/19/17Peter Landi, Inc.$706,575 
3/17/17WD2--Well # 5 Rehabilitation3/22/17Layne Christensen$36,145
3/1/17WD4--IBM South Well Rehabilitation3/8/17S.B. Church$38,400
2/23/17RFP--WD4- Line shaft vertical turbine pump3/8/17S.B. Church$15,400
2/1/17WD4 Bedrock Well Drilling2/8/17Torlish & Sons$75,134
12/20/16Cleaning Services1/11/17Corona Cleaning Services$42,000
12/21/16Water District No.4 --Drilling of Bedrock Test WellsSole bid rejected on 1/11/17--project will be rebid
12/6/16Sewer District No.2, 2017 Methanol Supply 12/14/16Slack Chemical, Inc.0.4648 - 0.7286/gal
10/19/16Exterior Deck Addition - North White Plains Community Center & Library10/26/16Douglas Marshall Cooper Assoc., LLC$179,800
10/18/16Rehabilitation of WD2 WindmillsNo bids Received 
7/29/16RFP- Annual W&S Generator Service8/10/16Peak Power$3,923.57
6/14/16Wampus Brook Park South Project7/13/16A Team Contracting Corp.$585,508.75
6/14/16Windmill Neighborhood Drainage Improvements6/22/16National Lawn Sprinklers, Inc. $665,753.80 
5/16/16John Deere 5100E FT4 Cab Mower 5/25/16Trius, Inc.$115,661
4/15/16North Castle Library Automatic Doors All bids were rejected.
2/19/16WD2 Rehabilitation of Well #42/24/16S.B.Church$27,850
2/16/16WD4 Rehabilitation of IBM North Well2/24/16Subsurface Technologies$43,101
1/5/16RFP--WD4- Line shaft vertical turbine pump1/13/16S.B. Church$15,490
12/15/15Sewer District No.2, 2016 Methanol Supply 1/13/16George Coyne
12/7/15Cleaning Services 12/9/15Milveen Environmental$29,500
12/1/15WD1 UltraViolet Disinfection Project12/9/15Kings Capital Construction$1,093,750
11/12/15SD2 Annual Sludge Hauling for 201611/18/15Spectraserv Inc.$720 /load
7/30/15RFP-Annual W&S Emergency Gen. Service (15 gen sets)8/5/15Peak Power$3,983.50
6/19/15General Construction of Gazebo at Wampus Brook Park6/24/15Jennings Co., Inc. $251,600
6/8/15Bus Services for Teen Travel Camp6/10/15 J&R Tours$12,890
3/10/15Asbestos Abatement - former Recreation Building, 205 Business Park Drive3/25/15B&G Restoration Co.$47,000
2/17/15School Street Well Rehabilitation2/25/15Layne Christensen$28,185
12/2/14SD2- '15 Annual Methanol Supply12/10/14Slack Chemical$3095/load
10/1/14Sidewalk Improvements10/8/14Vernon Hills Contracting$117,650
8/11/14Bid-WD2 Repair of Three WindmillsAll bids were rejected 9/10/14
7/10/14RFP-Annual W&S Emergency Gen. Service (15 gen sets)7/23/14Gen Quip$4,075
7/2/14Bid -WD2 Repair of three WindmillsSole bid rejected --rebid scheduled
6/18/14Bid-WD2 Distribution System Replacement6/25/14Bilotta Construction$9,935,194
6/16/14Purchase of Pavement Sealer6/25/14Sealmaster$47,750
6/16/14Purchase of Tink Claw6/25/14Hoffman International$17,677
5/20/14Coach Bus Services for Teen Travel Camp5/28/14J&R Tours$12,660
4/30/14Sewer District No.2 Roof Replacement (main Bldg.)5/14/14NUA Construction Corp.$52,000