Special temporary outdoor dining regulations

North Castle Gears Up For Outdoor Dining As Part of Phase 2 Reopening

Gov. Andrew Cuomo stated that outdoor dining would be allowed statewide in Phase 2 as long as tables and seating are six feet apart from each other, restaurant staff wear face masks and customers wear face masks when they aren't seated.

The Town of North Castle has enacted special temporary outdoor dining regulations that permit additional outdoor dining seating as compared to existing regulations. 

  • Ability to utilize up to 1/2 of off-street parking area for outdoor dining
  • Ability to expand outdoor dining on sidewalk beyond the premises frontage space (agreement with nearby property owners would need to be reached)
  • Outdoor dining elements would be able to remain, without need for business owner to take in and out every day. 
  • No fees for outside dining – However, a new outdoor dining permit is required to be issued by the Building Department. 

The temporary outdoor dining permits are valid until November 1, 2020 or until the Governor's order changes to indoor dining at which time you will be required to reapply for an outdoor permit, which will be valid January 1-December 31.

All previous outdoor dining permits are null and void.

In order to facilitate issuance of your new outdoor dining permit please include the following information in your submission to the Building Department:

  • Fill out an outdoor dining permit application.
  • Delineate the dining area on your site plan.  No specific seating plan is required at this time. If you need a copy of your site plan, please contact the Building Department.
  • Provide NYS affirmation for outdoor dining.
  • At this time, Section III, Questions 4 and 5; and section VI are not required. Please put NA Covid-19.
  • Please notify the Building Dept. if dining is on the Town Right of Way.
  • When the application is complete, you can either email all the documents to [email protected] or you can drop it off outside the Building Department. All applications will be processed same day if they are complete.