Conservation Board

The North Castle Conservation Board serves in an advisory capacity to the Planning Board, Town Board and Town Engineer on activities within wetlands and the 100-ft. wetland buffer zone. The Board provides information to residents for the protection of open space, water resources, erosion control, tree preservation and wildlife conservation. In recent years, the Conservation Board has prepared public education information on Lawn Care & Pesticides, groundwater, leaf composting, pesticides & toxic free living, wetland buffers, and Septic Systems How they work and how to care for them.

The Conservation Board evaluates all wetland permit applications. This process might include site visits, but always includes the presentation of existing conditions and proposed plans for review and recommendations. The Conservation Board also evaluates any proposal for development of parcels ten or more acres in size.

Increasingly, the Conservation Board is involved in inter-municipal coordination due to the nature of the watersheds and the scope of larger developments. It assists in sound planning to assure the preservation of natural and scenic resources.

Conservation Board Members are appointed by the Town Board for a two year term.

Board Members

Name Title
Jane Black Co-Chair; Member - 04/08/2024
George Drapeau Member - 04/08/2024
Julie Mucker Secretary
John Krupa Co-Chair; Member - 11/01/2024
Adam Barnett Member - 05/01/2025
Craig Benedict Member - 05/01/2025
Town Board Liaison: Councilman Berra
Erin McCaffrey Nenadich Member - 08/10/2024
Vincent Giordano Member - 09/30/2024