Most Town Offices are Closed to the Public due to COVID-19. Please Call departments for available services.

See the Town's COVID-19 information page with links and up-to-date news here.

Department Heads and Staff are prepared to address residents needs and answer any questions you may have via email or phone.  You may access Department Information on the Town Website for more information on how to best address your particular issue or concern. 

  • The Annex (17 Bedford Road) CLOSED to public access - No walk-in services:
  • Town Hall (15 Bedford Road) has Very Limited public access.  Police Department is open and can be reached at (914) 273-9500.
  • Town Clerk’s Office:  No walk-in services. A full list of online and by appointment services is available on the Clerk’s page.  Call the Clerk’s Office (914) 273-3000 Ext. 42. Email: [email protected]
  • Town Court:  Open by appointment only -- Call First. (914) 273-3000 Ext. 41 For details see Justice Court Urgent Alert.
  • North Castle Police Department: Open – no change. (914) 273-9500
  • Town Administrator:  Call (914) 273-3000 Ext. 191 Email: [email protected]
  • Town Supervisor’s Office:  Call (914) 273-3000 Ext. 53 Email: [email protected]
  • Water & Sewer Department continues to maintain all necessary treatment in all of our facilities. Operations are covered at all times. Call: 273-3000 x55 [email protected]
  • Hergenhan Center (40 Maple Avenue) CLOSED to public access.  Call the Recreation Department (914) 273-3000 Ext. 49. Email: [email protected]
  • North White Plains Community Center (10 Clove Road) CLOSED to public access.  Call the Recreation Department (914) 273-3000 Ext. 49 or the Library at (914) 948-6359
  • North Castle Library (19 Whippoorwill Road E) Limited access, see Library website for details.  Call (914) 273-3887

See Public Meetings and Community Events Calendars for cancellations, changes to schedules and meeting venues.