Recreation programs sometimes have a “resident fee” and a “non-resident fee”. How do I know if I am a resident? Why do I have to pay a non-resident fee when I pay Byram Hills School District taxes?

Town residents are those who live within the hamlets of Banksville, Armonk, and North White Plains and pay Town taxes which subsidize the Parks and Recreation Department.  Not everyone within the Byram Hills School District is a Town resident, just as not every Town resident is within the Byram Hills School District. For example, North White Plains residents are in the Valhalla School District.  The Parks and Recreation Department has a cooperative relationship with Byram Hills School District. Therefore, the programs of North Castle Parks and Recreation are also made available to those residing within the Byram Hills School District, yet outside Town boundaries.  Generally, those non-residents are required to pay a slightly higher fee when programs do not take place in school district facilities.