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Mission Statement: North Castle Sustainability Committee 
Adopted June 28, 2023 

The Town Board recognizes the Sustainability Committee, to replace the previously existing Recycling Committee. 

The mission of the North Castle Sustainability Committee is to empower our community to achieve environmental sustainability through education, collaboration, and action. We strive to guide and support initiatives that promote responsible resource management, waste reduction, and environmental protection. 

The primary goal of the Sustainability Committee is to inspire and engage individuals and organizations to take meaningful steps toward a healthier and more resilient future, to benefit our current community and generations to come. 

The membership of this committee shall consist of up to 15 interested community members representing a diversity of geographic and demographic areas of the Town of North Castle and may have a Town Board Liaison. The Chairperson of the Committee will be Neil Singer and the Co-Chairperson, Elisa Bremner. Meetings will occur monthly on the first Thursday of the month, in person with an option to join via videoconference.  

The Sustainability Committee shall include in its strategic plan a phasing of implementation actions in the form of 6 month, 12 month, and 18 month recommendations. The requested budget for the North Castle Sustainability Committee is up to $10,000 annually. 

Email North Castle Sustainability Committee.

North Castle Sustainability Committee

David Africk


Elisa Bremner


John Ettenson


Livia Fleming


Penny Geller


Diane Kurzer


Stefanie Rosenzweig


Parveen Sikder-Rahman


Neil Singer


Karen Spiegel


Jaclyn Walker

Aidan SchisslerJunior Member

Councilman Berra

Town Board Liaison