Building & Engineering

Building Department Mission:

The primary mission of the Building Department is to provide quality service to the community that is knowledgeable, efficient, comprehensive and helpful to the public. The intention is to safeguard life, health, property and public welfare by regulating and controlling the construction, quality of materials, use of all buildings and structures within the Town of North Castle. The department is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the NYS Uniform code and related Town adopted laws and ordinances.

The Fire Prevention and Property Maintenance program will provide a high level of life safety and property protection for the community and first responders through inspection, education, and enforcement. 

Fire Prevention and property Maintenance is the inspection, education, and enforcement division of the Building Department providing life safety services through code enforcement and inspections during the new business developement process, general fire inspections, operating and special use permitting and compliant investigation. Fire prevention is the key to saving lives and property. Fire Prevention education is the first step in the Town's commitment to protecting the lives and property of our citizens, guests, and neighboring communities.

Additional Information:

  • A Temporary Certificate of Occupancy may be issued, at the discretion of the Building Department, when only a portion of a project is complete. All public safety issues must be complete. The fee is $500.00.
  • A Certificate of Occupancy or a Certificate of Compliance is issued after the project is complete.
  • The Zoning Board of Appeals considers requests for variances from Town Zoning Law. To schedule a ZBA hearing, contact the Building Department at (914) 273-3000 x44.
  • The Planning Board approves all site plans and subdivisions. To schedule Planning Board review, contact the Planning Department at (914) 273-3000 x43.  NOTE: All residential additions over 1500 square feet, any tear down, or new structure requires site plan approval.
  • Architectural Review Board and Zoning Board information packets are available from the Building Department.

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Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Robert Melillo Building Inspector (914) 273-3000 ext. 44
Michael Cromwell Assistant Building Inspector (914) 273-3000 ext. 44
Vincent Costa Fire Inspector (914) 273-3000 ext. 44
Karen Cappuzzello Senior Office Assistant (914) 273-3000 ext. 44
Lori Zawacki Intermediate Clerk Part Time (914) 273-3000 ext. 44