Fire Departments


Armonk Independent Fire Company
400 Bedford Road
Armonk, NY 10504


(see information about Armonk Fire Company below.)



Emergency: 911 

Non-Emergency Contact:
(914) 273-3292


Notice of Annual Election North Castle Fire District No. 2 - December 14, 2021, between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m., at the firehouse located at 400 Bedford Road, Armonk, New York.

Banksville Independent Fire Company
33 BedfordBanksville Rd.
Bedford, NY 10506



Emergency: 911

Non- Emergency Contact:
(914) 234-7104





North Castle South Fire District No. 1
621 North Broadway 
North White Plains, NY 10603





Emergency: 911 
Non-Emergency Contact:
(914) 949-3575

Notice of Annual Election North Castle South Fire District No. 1 - December 14, 2021, between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m., at the firehouse located at 621 North Broadway, North White Plains, New York.



Regular Meetings of the Board of Fire Commissioners are held on the first Monday of each month at 7:00 PM.


NYS Office of Fire Prevention and Control

You can easily prevent the loss of life and property resulting from heating fires by simply identifying potential hazards and following safety tips and other factsheets linked to this page. Click here.

Armonk Independent Fire Company
North Castle Fire District #2

The Armonk Independent Fire Company Inc. (Fire Company), also known as the Armonk Fire Department, is an all-volunteer, 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization whose members provide First Responder fire, rescue and EMS services to the Town of North Castle Fire District #2 and mutual aid assistance to surrounding communities. 

Fire Company volunteers respond 24/7/365 to approximately 1,100 calls annually in a coverage area that includes Westchester County Airport; the Kensico Reservoir; an eight mile section of Interstate 684; and major corporate headquarters complexes and homes, schools and businesses spread over 24 square miles of village streets, winding roads and steep hills. Our members also provide non-emergency community outreach including free CPR classes, blood pressure screenings, fire prevention/safety programs and standby ambulance services at local events.

The Fire Company recruits and retains volunteers from a diverse cross-section of the North Castle community. We are your neighbors – nurses, students, store owners, trade and craftsmen, lawyers, finance professionals, town employees and more. Our oldest member has served continuously for 62 years; our youngest member is a high school senior who hopes to attend the US Military Academy at West Point next year. Fire Company volunteers devote more than 1,000 hours monthly to the community and have received local, regional and national recognition for their dedication and results, notably in 2019 when two members received citations for lifesaving and our EMS Captain was named “BLS Provider of the Year” at the New York State Vital Signs EMS Conference.

We presently have 59 active members, 16 of whom are emergency medical technicians. In 2018, our members logged over 11,000 calls and participated in more than 2,500 hours of documented training.

Fire Company members train in accordance with New York State and Federal regulations to respond to a wide range of emergencies, including: structure, brush and vehicle fires; critical medical emergencies and non-urgent requests for medical assistance; mass-casualty incidents (e.g., a plane crash), vehicle extrication; technical rescue; ice and water rescue; storm support and hazardous material containment. In addition to their departmental responsibilities, our members participate in Westchester County emergency response teams including HAZMAT, Search and Rescue, Critical Stress Debriefing and Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) response.

Each of the Department’s EMTs is trained in Basic Life Saving (BLS) skills and is required to maintain a current NYS EMT-B certification. In circumstances where advanced medical attention is required, the Department augments its services with Paramedics assigned through Westchester EMS located in Mt. Kisco.

Our apparatus and equipment are located at the Armonk firehouse on Bedford Road and include:

  • 3 ambulances
  • 1 engine with rescue and vehicle stabilization and extrication gear
  • 1 first due engine and 1 water source engine
  • 1 tanker with 3,000 gallon water capacity
  • 1 boat for water rescue
  • 1 all-terrain vehicle for off-road rescue
  • 1 ice rescue trailer

The Armonk Independent Fire Company was organized in April 1930 by William Taylor, Harry Williams and Harry Jackson. Armonk residents, these three men were called upon to assist the Greenwich Fire Department in putting out a local grass fire. They were each given a broom to smother the fire and worked side by side with the Greenwich firefighters until the fire crossed over from Connecticut to New York, entering the sleepy hamlet of Armonk. The Greenwich Fire Department, seeing that it had done its part for its community, left the fire to the three young New Yorkers who had nothing more than a broom in each of their hands. After putting the fire out on the New York side, the three gentlemen decided there should be a fire department in the hamlet of Armonk.  Thus was born the Armonk Independent Fire Company.

We are always looking for new members. If you’re interested in a little hard work, a strong sense of community, the benefits and excitement of learning new skills and have a desire to help neighbors in times of need, Come join us. Stop by the firehouse on a Monday night to learn how you can be part of something special in Armonk.

Come Join Us - Armonk Fire Department