Brynwood SEQRA Documents

(Summit Club)

Brynwood Golf and Country Club:

The Applicant has proposed two alternative developmentscenarios for the Project. In the first alternative development scenario (“Alternative 1”), the Applicant will construct a residential community (the “residences,” or “golf course community”) on the Site with 56 market rate fee‐simple attached residences, 10 fee‐simple detached Golf Cottages, and 7 “Affordable Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” (“AFFH”) fee‐simple, or rental units. In the second alternative development scenario (“Alternative 2”), the Applicant will: (1) construct a total of 73 market rate residences (63 fee‐simple attached residences  and 10 fee‐simple detached Golf Cottages) on the Site; and (2) either construct 7 AFFH rental and/or for‐sale units off‐site, or acquire existing (or approved but not yet constructed) off‐site residential units and make them AFFH units subject to regulation under Section 213‐22.I of the Town Code, at one or more  locations identified by the Applicant, and approved by the Town Board.

The Applicant does not yet know whether it will pursue Alternative 1 or Alternative 2, however, a determination will be made as part of its application for site plan approval of the Project. In either alternative development scenario, there would be a total of 73 units on site.

The new residences (to be known as “The Residences at Brynwood”) will be located on an approximately 14.7 acre portion of the ±156 acre Site, leaving the remainder as open space, the golf course and ancillary facilities. Most of the proposed residences will be contained in a residential neighborhood to be located in the northeast corner of the Site, on the “North Parcel”.    

New York's State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQR) requires all state and local government agencies to consider environmental impacts equally with social and economic factors during discretionary decision-making. This means these agencies must assess the environmental significance of all actions they have discretion to approve, fund or directly undertake. SEQR requires the agencies to balance the environmental impacts with social and economic factors when deciding to approve or undertake an "Action".

Below find documents associated with the Brynwood project:

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Positive Declaration

Applicant's Draft Scope

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Adopted Scope Document

Notice of Completion

ENB Notice of Completion

Notice of DEIS Hearing

Notice of Completion - FEIS

ENB Notice of Completion - FEIS

Adopted Findings Statement

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SEQR Flow Chart