Long Pond Park District Advisory Committee

Mission Statement: Long Pond Park District Advisory Committee

The Town Board shall appoint an Advisory Committee to advise it regarding matters relevant to the Town Board’s authority with respect to the water body known as Long Pond and the appurtenances thereto encompassed by the Long Pond Park District.

In order to insure the proper management and maintenance of the Long Pond Park District, it is appropriate to obtain the input of the residents who own property within the Park District.  The Advisory Committee shall also review and advise the Town Board regarding proposals for expenditure of funds by the Park District.

The membership of the Advisory Committee shall consist of three members all of whom own real property encompassed by the Park District and be appointed for fixed terms of three (3) years.  Those eighteen (18) properties included in the Park District are:

5   Oak Ridge
7   Oak Ridge
6   Oak Ridge
14 Pond Lane
16 Pond Lane
18 Pond Lane
20 Pond Lane
22 Pond Lane
43 Windmill Road
45 Windmill Road
47 Windmill Road
4   Long Pond Court
43 Long Pond Road
41 Long Pond Road
38 Long Pond Road
36 Long Pond Road
34 Long Pond Road
32 Long Pond Road

Committee Members

Name Title
Stephen Berman Member - 8/10/2019
Joel Dworetzky Member - 8/10/2019
Joseph Paresi Member - 8/10/2019