Criminal Cases (Including Vehicle and Traffic)

The North Castle Justice Court has preliminary jurisdiction over all criminal cases arising out of incidents occurring in our town. Such cases are on the Court's Tuesday evening calendar. The Justice Court has trial jurisdiction over all cases if the jail term that can be imposed does not exceed one year. The office of the Westchester County District Attorney prosecutes criminal cases.

Cases charging the commission of a traffic infraction are filed in the North Castle Justice Court if the alleged offense took place in our town. Information regarding how to proceed with a traffic ticket may be found on the back of the ticket issued to the motorist. It is the obligation of the motorist to respond to the ticket. After the Court receives notification that a defendant is pleading not guilty, the office of the Court Clerk will schedule a trial. At trial, the officer who issued the summons will prosecute the case. A plea of guilty will result in a fine letter which will instruct the defendent on procedure and amount of payment.