Does the Town have a leash law regarding dogs?

Here are the related sections of the law, as noted in  Chapter 92 of Town Code:

92-4. Running at large

A.    No person owning, harboring or having custody or control of a dog shall permit, suffer or allow such dog to be at large at any time within the limits of the Town of North Castle, Westchester County, New York, elsewhere than on the premises of the owner.

B.    No person owning, harboring or having custody or control of a dog shall cause or permit such dog to roam or be at large in any municipal park. The foregoing notwithstanding, dogs properly licensed and restrained by a leash not exceeding eight feet in length may, except in areas hereinafter specified, be brought into a park. In no event shall dogs be allowed in any building, picnic area, playground or ball field unless they are restrained by a leash.

C.    Any dog found running at large shall be turned over to the Dog Control Officer of the Town of North Castle, and the owner thereafter, in order to obtain possession of the dog, must have a valid license and must pay the impoundment fee. Upon failure of the owner to redeem the dog within five days from the date of seizure, title to the dog may be forfeited, and the dog may then be transferred to the current contracted shelter where the dog shall either be made available for adoption or euthanized.

92-8. Control of dogs off premises

A.    No dog shall be off the premises of its owner or person harboring said dog unless it is on a leash of not more than eight feet in length or under the visual and voice control of a responsible person at least 18 years of age able to control the dog and the dog is responsive to such visual and voice control.