Airport Campus

Zoning Petition, Documents and Videos

The subject property, consisting of approximatley 38 acres, was the former location of MBIA's corporate headquarters.  The property is located in the DOB-20A (Designed Office Business 20A) Zoning District.

The zoning petition is to (i) permit additional uses in the DOB-20A Zoning District, including hotel, multi-family residential, townhouse residential units, and medical office; (ii) allow such uses individually or in combinaiton with the other permitted uses pursuant to the issuance of a special permit by the Town Board; and (iii) establish special permit criteria for such uses.  The application also requests approval from the Town Board of an amended Preliminary Development Concept Plan (PDCP) and special permit approval pusuant to the special permit provisions being requested.  Site plan and subdivision approvals will also be required from the Planning Board.

Town Board Work Session video 5/30/18 - Presentation of proposed application

Zoning Petition with Exhibits

Town Board Meeting video 6/13/18 - Receipt of Zoning Petition

Westchester County Planning Board letter, dated 6/26/18

NYCDEP letter, dated 7/11/18

Letter from Veneziano & Associates, dated 8/301/8

Full Enviromental Assessement Form, Part 2

Positive Declaration and Draft Environmental Impact Statement Scoping Outline 

What is scoping?